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Existing cab services in visakapatnam are limited to certain places only and unable to provide taxi services from various parts of vizag city. But NITYA CAARS can provide cab services from any part of vizag city to all major locations as we have cabs in vizag all major areas and we track the taxis through GPS system .If some customer asks cab at vizag railway station we will find which cab is nearer to railway station within seconds. And we allot that cab to the customer with this technology we save the customer time and fuel also it will help pollution reduction. With this system we can minimize cab fares and fuel consumption .It helps to environment. We encourage cab pooling and car pooling also. If we got a call from client for airport pickup if client is single and if we got same time pickup from airport we will propose to club both the clients if they agree if both the destination is same or nearer. This facility is to reduce customer cab fares and this is also eco friendly.

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